Dr. Allison Kress
Licensed Psychologist

Specializing in Teens/Young Adults, Families, Cutting/Self-Injury, and Women's Issues
One of the few things that can be predicted about life is that nothing stays exactly the same forever and challenges are to be expected. Dr. Kress is an experienced licensed psychologist who listens with deep emotional regard and leading edge intellectual understanding of life issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, career changes and life adjustments. She is trained to guide an effective process through these challenges and uncover strategies for healing and resolution.  Dr. Kress specializes in teens and their familiescutting and other self-injurious behaviors, and women’s issues; serving the individuals and the families that surround them.


Signs and Symptoms of Teenage Depression

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Warning Signs that Someone You Care About is Cutting/Self-Injuring

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For Women: Finding Balance and Purpose

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Dr. Kress - Press

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